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Friday, May 15th, 2015

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Summer is the perfect time to embrace print in all it’s glorious forms and this season we have a superb collection ranging from classic breton stripes from By Malene Birger and checked shirts from Rails LA, to geometric patterns from new Danish brand Munthe and the inspired geo print exclusively from cult London brand Pyrus.

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A printed top is an ideal way to pep up your summer look and will fit seamlessly into your existing wardrobe providing new interest to your outfit choices. Being constructed from lightweight fabric they are also ideally suited to layering either under a blazer, cardigan or sweater depending on the occasion.

Printed trousers have been around for several seasons now and their popularity shows no sign of slowing. The success of printed trousers lies in their versatility and the fact they are incredibly easy to style. The bravest among us will go head-to-toe in one print giving the impression of a jumpsuit while retaining the option to wear each piece separately, but it is just as chic to pair printed trousers with a plain top to retain a beautiful aesthetic.

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While in winter it is perfectly acceptable to reach for the plain LBD, for social occasions in summer a style conscious woman really must have other options available to her; this is where the printed dress comes into it’s own. Being eye catching in their own right these dresses are designed to provide the wearer with demure coverage, the message conveyed is both fun and feminine without being overtly sexy. That being said… we still love the little black printed numbers from Des Petits Hauts this season, they’re floaty and punctuated with the prettiest watermelon and star details.


Cytotec Order1. Cytotec Online India 2. Buy Cytotec Over Counter 3. Buy Cytotec In Usa 4. Des Petits Hauts (Generic Cytotec Online) 5. Des Petits Hauts (Generic Cytotec Buy Online).

Signature 1


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Saturday, May 9th, 2015

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Purchasing Cytotec Online is the break-out brand for summer 2015. You may not know it yet but their paired-down shirts are a must have item and will become a background staple of your wardrobe going forward. Rails has already garnered a cult celebrity following, Kate Moss was an early adopter of the brand and the Hunter shirt is now sported by such style conscious women as Olivia Palmero to Gisele Bundchen, Kate Beckinsale to Chiara Ferragni. While you may not be swayed by a slew of celebrity endorsements it’s worth noting that in the Pinterest worthy images of these women running errands (the ones where we’re aghast at just how they are looking so effortlessly cool) the shirt they’re wearing is more than likely a Rails LA shirt. Therein lies the key to the brand’s success; they make the most insanely flattering, luxuriously soft and covetable shirts known to man and then they went and made them affordable.

We have over ten different styles of Rails shirts at Feather & Stitch to suit everyone from the classic long sleeved Can You Buy Cytotec At Walgreens shirt to the summer-ready, short sleeved Can You Buy Cytotec Online shirt and the beautiful soft blue vintage chambray Can I Buy Cytotec Over The Counter In South Africa shirt. They fit true to size so there’s no need to size up unless you prefer a looser look. One last thing, they launder beautifully… just hang them up to dry and watch the creases fall out.

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