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Friday, May 15th, 2015

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Summer is the perfect time to embrace print in all it’s glorious forms and this season we have a superb collection ranging from classic breton stripes from By Malene Birger and checked shirts from Rails LA, to geometric patterns from new Danish brand Munthe and the inspired geo print exclusively from cult London brand Pyrus.

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1. Best Trustedtabs Order Cytotec Online 2. Purchase Cytotec 3. Buy Cytotec (matching culottes available) 4. Cytotec For Sale Online Philippines

A printed top is an ideal way to pep up your summer look and will fit seamlessly into your existing wardrobe providing new interest to your outfit choices. Being constructed from lightweight fabric they are also ideally suited to layering either under a blazer, cardigan or sweater depending on the occasion.

Printed trousers have been around for several seasons now and their popularity shows no sign of slowing. The success of printed trousers lies in their versatility and the fact they are incredibly easy to style. The bravest among us will go head-to-toe in one print giving the impression of a jumpsuit while retaining the option to wear each piece separately, but it is just as chic to pair printed trousers with a plain top to retain a beautiful aesthetic.

Buy Cytotec Online Cheap1. Buy Cytotec Online Usa (matching items available) 2. Buy Cytotec Online Uk 3. Cytotec For Sale Online Philippines (matching items available) 4. Buy Cytotec Pills (matching top available) 5. Buy Cytotec Online Usa.

While in winter it is perfectly acceptable to reach for the plain LBD, for social occasions in summer a style conscious woman really must have other options available to her; this is where the printed dress comes into it’s own. Being eye catching in their own right these dresses are designed to provide the wearer with demure coverage, the message conveyed is both fun and feminine without being overtly sexy. That being said… we still love the little black printed numbers from Des Petits Hauts this season, they’re floaty and punctuated with the prettiest watermelon and star details.


Purchasing Cytotec1. Purchasing Cytotec Online 2. Cytotec Manila Where To Buy 3. Cytotec Buy 4. Des Petits Hauts (Cytotec Buy Online Usa) 5. Des Petits Hauts (Cytotec Buy Online Uk).

Signature 1


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Saturday, April 25th, 2015

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Well this week’s been a corker weather wise in London! We’ve been soaking up all that beautiful vitamin D and it has us focusing on the approaching balmy months of summer and the dresses we’ll be rocking while we’re basking in the sunshine. Our SS15 collection has been meticulously collated by our founder Fi Sanderson; the collection is a one-stop-shop for all your sartorial needs this summer from elegant, bejewelled maxi dresses from Cytotec Where To Buy In Dubai to a fun lip print day dress from Buy Cytotec Pills. Wherever you’re going, whatever you’re doing we have the perfect dress for you. Simply click the pink links below to shop the looks.

Cytotec To Buy UkRow 1 from left to right:

Pyrus Cytotec Online Sale & Cytotec Misoprostol Buy Online.

Kokoon silk Buy Cytotec Misoprostol Online and Becksondergaard Buy Cytotec Misoprostol Tablets.

120%Lino Buy Cytotec Online Canada

Des Petits Hauts Buy Cytotec Cheap.

Row 2 from left to right:

120%Lino Buy Cytotec Online India.

House of Dagmar Misoprostol (Cytotec) Where To Buy.

Des Petits Hauts Can You Buy Cytotec At Walgreens and Becksondergaard Can You Buy Cytotec Online.

Essentiel Can I Buy Cytotec Over The Counter In South Africa.

Row 3 from left to right:

Des Petits Hauts Buy Cytotec Cheap and Becksondergaard Where Can I Buy Cytotec Over The Counter In Cebu.

Essentiel Can I Buy Cytotec Over The Counter In South Africa.

Des Petits Hauts Can You Buy Cytotec Over The Counter dress and Becksondergaard Buy Cytotec Misoprostol Tablets.

Row 4 left to right:

Des Petits Hauts Can You Buy Cytotec Over The Counter At Walgreens.

120%Lino Buy Cytotec Online Malaysia.

Pyrus Cytotec Online Sale.

120%Lino Buy Cytotec Online India.

Row 5 left to right:

120%Lino Buy Cytotec Online Malaysia.

Des Petits Hauts Can You Buy Cytotec At Walgreens.

Kokoon silk Buy Cytotec Misoprostol Online.

120%Lino Buy Cytotec Online India.

Signature 1




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Thursday, March 19th, 2015

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Easter weekend is the perfect time to get away from it all with a special someone for a few days, but with airlines charging ever more imaginative fees for handling baggage the packing part of ‘getting away from it all’ is actually pretty stressful. Gone are the days when you could simply throw everything you might need into a large suitcase and figure it out when you get there. Over time (and many adventurous buying trips) Fi has honed her ability to pack a perfect capsule wardrobe and now applies the same rules when packing for a weekend away with family and friends and we thought we’d share this knowledge with you.

The first rule: check the weather for your destination. Europe and North America can have wildly different and changeable climates at this time of year so use a weather app to get a good idea of what to expect. The second rule: choose your footwear first, limit yourself to two pairs and make them activity appropriate i.e. flats or comfortable heels for roaming the town, heels or on-trend sandals for hitting the town. Choosing footwear first also limits the options of what you can take that will go with them thereby instantly helping the decision process. Basically you’re building your outfit from the ground up. The third rule: make your outfits interchangeable. By this I mean pack items that will mix and match well. Ideally you need one stand out piece and at least two ways to wear it. Jeans are a must and a silk blouse always travels well.

Our founder Fi is off to Copenhagen this weekend and we quizzed her about what she’s taking from the Feather & Stitch SS15 collection. You can shop the looks via the pink links.

“Firstly I’m packing our Buy Cytotec In Usa Online. The bead work is so intricate and beautiful it doesn’t require a lot of accessorising. I’ll dress it down with Buy Mifepristone And Cytotec Online while travelling and then switch to the Where Can I Buy Original Cytotec In Quiapo when I want to kick my look up a notch.”

Boyfriend Jeans, distressed jeans, ss15


Boyfriend Jeans, Summer Jeans, SS15, DLJeans, PyrusPyrus Jacket, SS15, London Fashion, Beaded JacketPyrus Jacket, SS15, London Fashion, Beaded Jacket, Summer Jeans

“Next I’ve chosen our Buy Cytotec At Walmart silk blouse to layer underneath the Pyrus jacket. It’s not currently available online but it comes in two colours, pink and neutral. I’m opting for the pinker of the two as it tones brilliantly with the beadwork on the jacket. I’m also taking our simple yet timeless classic Buy Cytotec Malaysia. This blouse is cut so expertly with it’s seductive wide neckline and perfectly pitched sleeve length, it’s impossible to not look good when you’re wearing it. If blessed with a warm day all I need is a Cytotec Purchase Online and Cytotec Abortion Pill Online to finish the look.”

“For cooler days I’m going to take a couple of our sweaters. I love the linear embellishment of the Beli Cytotec Online Malaysia, it looks like you’re wearing layers but it’s just a clever cut. I’ll definitely pair this sweater with the DL1961 Jeans in Neptune as this sweater lends itself to a more refined look.”

Blue JumperBlue Jumper, SS15, Designer Sweater

“Another option I’m taking is the gorgeous Buy Cytotec Online From India. I’ve been living in mine this season, it’s just so comfortable and the bright pop of colour is great for spring days out when you don’t need a jacket.”

SloganSweater1Summer scarf, beaded bag, kokoon, silk blouseSignature 1

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Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

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Buy Cytotec In New Zealand on our new label I Need To Buy Cytotec only available in the UK at Feather & Stitch. This is reposted from her I Want To Buy Cytotec.

“My favourite Do I Need Prescription To Buy Cytotec has just shared some extremely exciting news with me… They will be featuring Danish designer Buy Cytotec Australia in their SS/14 collection. This is exciting on two levels; firstly the clothes are divine being made of the highest quality silk that has been cut oh so perfectly that it drapes elegantly and effortlessly as you wear it. Secondly, at the time of going to press Feather & Stitch will be the only boutique in the UK to stock this scandi-cool brand. So there’s almost no chance of experiencing S.O.N. (same outfit nightmare) wearing Kokoon.
Based in Copenhagen, Kokoon was launched in 2008 by Nanna Søbirk with the ethos of being timeless rather than in fashion (music to my ears). Designed to be cross-seasonal, Kokoon’s collection is elegant, wonderfully feminine and yet simple to style into a masculine inspired look to emulate the ‘woman in menswear’ trend currently achieving front row appeal with editors and fashion bloggers at London Fashion Week.

I love the June blouse and the Luella dress but it’s the Buy Cytotec Abu Dhabi in monochrome leopard print that will be the workhorse of my wardrobe this summer. It will pair brilliantly with courts for a ladylike look (as shown) or to embrace the menswear look wear it with casual slip-ons or metallic brogues. A well cut blazer or jacket will elevate the look to suitable day or work wear then for cooler days throw on a chunky, oversized sweater to work the jumpsuit as cropped trousers. Sublime.”

Where Can I Buy Cytotec In Abu Dhabi

Kokoon Betty jumpsuit £245


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